Gotoh 404SJ-4 String Bass Bridge Cosmo-black

Gotoh 404SJ-4 String Bass Bridge Cosmo-black

[Gotoh 404SJ-4 String Bass Bridge Cosmo-black]

Product Code: 404 SJ -4 CBK

Quality Bass Bridge Gotoh 404 SJ-4  for 4-String Bass / 1 Set Cosmo-black

Gotohs take on the chunkier vintage bass bridge, complete with plated steel saddles. The GOTOH 404 series bass bridges use a hardened zinc baseplate that is reputed for its tonal qualities and sonorous tone. The steel saddles will add a little more upper and mid clarity to your tone when compared to brass saddles.



  • complete set: screws + allen key
  • string to string spacing 19mm.
  • steel  saddles.
  • base plate made of hardened zinc
  • cosmo-black finish.


Availability: 2 pcs

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