[Aguilar 6SD 6 strún]

Product Code: AG 6SD-D4
SUPER DOUBLE® Aguilar's AG 6SD-D4 Super Double 6-string bass pickup This brand new pickup from Aguilar features two rows of Alnico V pole pieces creating a thick yet articulate tone, complete with hum-canceling performance. A perfect blend of strong dynamics and rich complex overtones. Aguilar Super Double 6-string Bass Guitar Pickup Featu-res: • Humbucking pickup for 6-string electric bass • Size D4 (soapbar style) • Thick tone with plenty of top-end articulation • Alnico V magnets provide outstanding balance across all strings • Hum-canceling design • dimension (32mm x 118mm) replacement for Bartolini BC 1 set ( neck + bridge )


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