Artec AGE-7 eqalizer+ piezo

Artec AGE-7 eqalizer+ piezo

[Artec piezo EQ sada AGE7]

Product Code: AGE7

Artec AGE 7-  4-band eqalizer+ piezo pickup , 1 set ,,

AGE-7  is a definitive edition among  on-board preamp systems. It provides 4 band graphic EQ, Master Volume control, EQ Status switch, Notch Filter switch, Parametric Mid Tune control with Low Battery LED.

As all the other ARTEC Products do, using SMD Chip Board could make AGE 7 professional, lighter, less defective and easy to install to any style of guitar. Worry about noise? EMI Shield Painting inside  of AGE Plus series achieve the crystal clean sounds without unwanted noises.

MASTER VOLUME controls to adjust the amount of loudness in both the EQ-Status switch is on or off.  EQ-Status switch will give you an option whether you want natural sounds or equalized sounds.  When EQ-Status switch is on, the amounts of BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, PRESENCE, NOTCH and MID-TUNE can be adjusted.

BASS controls to adjust the amount of gain at 80 Hz when EQ is on. Gain can be adjusted +/-10 dB. MIDDLE controls to adjust the amount of gain at 800 Hz, TREBLE controls of gain at 3 kHz, PRESENCE controls of gain at 15 kHz and all controls can be adjusted +/-12 dB. AGE Plus series provides various features you could imagine.

PARAMETRIC MID-TUNE controls when EQ-Status switch is on. It reinforces mid-range frequency within 400 Hz to 1.2 kHz.  NOTCH will work for filtering the frequency to cut the signal with less then 400 Hz.

AGE-7 features :

- Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence Controls

- Master Volume, Low Battery LED

- Parametric Mid-tune control

- Notch filter switch,

- EQ status switch 



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