DiMarzio DP700 Blaze Neck Model Black

DiMarzio DP700 Blaze Neck Model Black

[DiMarzio DP700 Blaze Neck Model Black]

Product Code: DP 700 BK

Guitar pickup DiMarzio DP700 Blaze ( neck ) for 7 string electric guitar ( 15,80 K) 1pcs / black

This is the model originally designed for the neck position of the Ibanez® Universe. The neck position needed to be warm, but not too fat (nobody wants the low “B” sounding like a tuba, right?), so we scooped out some of the mids to brighten up the low notes and we kept the power down to a reasonable level to avoid unnecessary sludge. You can get everything from a good jazz sound with a clean amp to a wall-of-sound with heavy overdrive. Many players have discovered the Blaze™ Neck Model is also a very good bridge pickup when playing with a serious amount of distortion — power chords retain more openness, and single notes have a lot of clarity.


  • Recommended For: All positions
  • Quick Connect: No
  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Resistance: 15.8 Kohm


Availability: 2 pcs

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