DiMarzio DP819 D Activator 8 Neck Black

DiMarzio DP819 D Activator 8 Neck Black

[DiMarzio DP819 D Activator 8 Neck Black]

Product Code: DP 819 BK

Guitar pickup Dimarzio DP819  D Activator 8 Neck for 8 string electric guitar / 1pcs / Black

The book is still being written about what an 8-string pickup should sound like. We think it should have a wide frequency response, be very articulate and dynamic, and not be muddy. All of these qualities are particularly important for the neck position, and we’ve built them into the D Activator 8™. The D Activator 8™ Neck is open, clear and very responsive. It maintains its sound character even with massive amounts of gain, and it’s also bright and articulate with clean amp settings.

Wiring: 4 Conductor

Magnet: Ceramic

Output mV: 360 DC

Resistance: 9.94 Kohm


Availability: 1 pcs

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