EJ 13

EJ 13

[Daddario akustic struny 011-052]

Product Code: EJ 13

Daddario EJ13 strings set forAcoustic Steel Guitar, 80/20 bronze (brass), Round Wound, clear tone with large brilliance, strengths 011 - 015 - w022 - 032 - 042 - 052, // 1 bulk set

80/20 Bronze Wound Acoustic Strings use the original brass alloy. They are very popular for their very clear, solid and powerful tone, which will be appreciated in the studio or by guitarists who are close to the vintage tone and older genres. The basis is a traditional steel hexagon, which guarantees durability, excellent intonation and perfect tone.


• Hardness: 011"/052"

• Winding: Cylindrical (round wound)

• Material: Bronze 80/20

• Core: Steel

• Ending: Ball end


Availability: 28 pcs

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