[EMG mini prepínač LP]

Product Code: EMG 348 NI/BK
EMG 3 Pos Toggle Switch BK, General INFORMATION: The B348 is a new 3 position selection switch introduced by ElectroSwitch to replace the Switchcraft LP style switches. It incorporates EMG’s Solderless Connectors. The B348 Switch can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications. It features a .468 (12mm) tall threaded bushing so it can be installed on an instrument that has a pickguard or a wooden body. It is also low-profile and can fit just about any guitar with a thin or thick body. It uses EMG’s “BNOG” connector arrangement and includes cable(s) for easy connection to EMG’s connection buss. The B348 includes both 17 inch and 6 inch cable lengths. Simply plug on the connectors and you’re ready to go. There are some instances where your switch might work backwards, so see page two on how to reverse the selection if necessary. Ivory and Black switch toggles are available. / 1 pcs


Availability: 4 pcs

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