EMG 808 Humbucker Guitar Pickup Active Black

EMG 808 Humbucker Guitar Pickup Active Black

[EMG 808 Humbucker Guitar Pickup Active Black]

Product Code: EMG 808 BK

Humbucker Pickup EMG 808 for 8-string electric guitar, Active, magnets Alnico V,  / 1 pcs / Black

Based on the original 707, the EMG 808 gives players all the tone, presence and dynamics they demand in an 8 string guitar pickup. The EMG 808 eliminates the problem of a muddy low F# string that often lacks rich harmonic character and definition. Featuring Alnico V loaded, wide aperture coils, EMG was able to beef up the tone of the low strings while maintaining a balanced and articulate upper register. This provides the responsive and tight sound eight string players love.


  • 1x 25k Volume Pot.
  • 1x 25k Tone Pot.
  • 1x Battery bus
  • 1x Stereo Output Jack
  • 1x Two pickup in/out bus
  • 1 Pair Mounting screws and springs
  • 1x Pickup cable
  • 2x Connect cables
  • 1x Output cable
  • 1x Baterry cable


Availability: 2 pcs

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