[EMG 89X gitar. snímač]

Product Code: EMG 89X BK

EMG 89X guitar pickup humbucker active ( SC- HB ) ,

+ potentiometer volume PUSS PULL - tone + stereo jack Switchcraft, clips 9V, cable for pickup,

+ 2x screws - spring , wiring, Bridge

Featuring two pickups in one, the 89X houses separate preamps and coils for a custom humbucker and single coil sound at your fingertips. Loaded with Alnico V magnets, the humbucker sound is rich, warm and powerful, but still clear and articulate, similar to the 85. The single coil mode, accessed via the included push pull pot, delivers the traditional Strat single coil sound: bright, airy, and chimey, and is very similar to the EMG SA. In either mode, the clean sound is gorgeously pristine and has a lot of presence. Used equally in bridge and neck positions. Whether you are playing hard rock or jazz, you can get it all with this beautifully balanced and versatile pickup. The X series provide increased headroom, giving the guitar pickup an organic and open voice while still maintaining the clarity and response that EMG's are known for. X's are often described as bridging the gap between passive and active tone and feel. Along with our solderless installation, this is a great choice for guitar players looking to get more out of one pickup.


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