EMG SV set

EMG SV set

[EMG gitarový set]

Product Code: EMG SV set

EMG SV guitar pickups set STRAT


The SV Set have the tone, clarity, responsiveness and look that vintage enthusiasts will appreciate, all topped off by EMG's reliability and quality of workmanship. Utilizing staggered Alnico V pole pieces which provide for a more balanced sound on older instruments with more radius in the neck, the tone of the SV is modeled after the 1959 Strat™, with that familiar peaky response at around 3000 Hz giving it a percussive "quack".

Because it's truly a marriage of vintage design and state of the art electronics with its newly designed preamp, it has a much smoother tonal response when played clean or in overdrive, and with more output. If you're looking for a pickup set that departs from the usual, the SV Set is a perfect choice.


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