Daddario EXP 26 Phospor Bronze Acoustic Guitar String 011-.052

Daddario EXP 26 Phospor Bronze Acoustic Guitar String 011-.052

[Daddario EXP 26 Acoustic Guitar String 011-.052]

Product Code: EXP 26

Guitar string Daddario EXP 26 Phospor bronze for 6-string  acoustic guitar  .011-.052 , Bulk pack/ 1 set

Phosphor Bronze Wound strings for acoustic instruments are among the most popular among guitarists and bassists around the world. They are a de facto synonym for warm but clear, well-balanced natural sound. Their winding is made of corrosion-resistant phosphor bronze, the hexagonal core is steel with a high carbon content. It thus offers a long life, excellent intonation and a wonderful tone. EXP Coated differs from regular Phosphor Bronze by the use of a micro-coating that extends their life and improves the tone and feel of the border. They have the same sound as Phosphor Bronze, but they last up to 4x longer!



  • Hardness: 011"/052"
  • Winding: Cylindrical (round wound)
  • Material: Phosphor bronze
  • Core: Steel
  • End: Ball (ball end)


Availability: 67 pcs

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