Hipshot BT3 Bass Xtender 20300C Bass side- Chrome

Hipshot BT3 Bass Xtender 20300C Bass side- Chrome

[Hipshot BT3 Bass Xtender Bass side Chrome]

Product Code: ZBT3 CR

Hipshot BT3 Bass Xtender 20300C / Bass side / 1 pcs / Chrome

Do you love the sound of your vintage Fender bass but wish it had more low range? Well, wish no more! A long time open secret among the world's best bass players, the Hipshot Xtender gives you the best parts of a 5 string bass in a 4 string package. With the flip of a lever, drop your E string to D (or even B) and back again! The BT3 is a direct replacement for pre-CBS Fender basses equipped with Kluson reverse wind tuning machines. 

  • Drop a Major 2nd (E-D) and if your strings have standard thickness cores, you can go as low as a 4th (E-B)
  • DoubleStop feature gives you a tuning position between the high and low for a total of three tunings on your 4th string
  • Robust stamped and machined steel construction
  • 27:1 tuning ratio
  • Fits 11/16" (17.5mm) headstock holes
  • Adjustable tension nylon bearing system
  • Stainless steel key prevents tarnishing and rust where you touch the tuner the most
  • Mounting hardware included


Availability: 1 pcs

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