Hipshot BT7 Bass Xtender 20700C Bass side -Chrome

Hipshot BT7 Bass Xtender 20700C Bass side -Chrome

[Hipshot BT7 Bass Xtender Bass side Chrome]

Product Code: ZBT7 CR

Hipshot BT7 Bass Xtender 20700C for Mexico Fender / Bass side / Chrome / 1pcs

Are you are stuck in a creative rut? The Xtender by Hipshot might be just the thing to dig you out! The secret sauce of bass pros the world over, the Xtender gives you the ability to instantly drop the tuning of your low string and then back again with the flip of a lever. The BT7 is a direct replacement for Fender Highway One tuning machines first featured on many MIM models. It is now a popular choice for many contemporary Fender basses including Vintage Modified Squier, USA, and Custom Shop models.

  • Drop a Major 2nd (E-D) and if your strings have standard thickness cores, you can go as low as a 4th (E-B)
  • DoubleStop™ feature gives you a tuning position between the high and low for a total of three tunings on one string
  • Robust stamped and machined steel construction
  • 27:1 tuning ratio
  • Fits 18mm headstock holes
  • Adjustable tension nylon bearing system
  • Stainless steel key prevents tarnishing and rust where you touch the tuner the most
  • Mounting hardware included


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