HMG2 - 14

HMG2 - 14

[Hard maple 2 tr 720x140x28mm]

Product Code: HMG2 - 14
HARD maple , sugar maple , rock maple : The names of favourite maple wood , which are from Southeast Canada . This guitars wood is great for guitars necks , it is very stable and resonant wood, medium heavy. (used by Fender, MusicMan and others for long times) Color of wood: hard maple has a fine structure – sapwood is creamy white, rings are light brown – reddish, the wood is hard and shock-resistant. The wood is dry directly to production. Dimension: length 720-750mm, width 130mm, thickness 28mm 1 pc. / 2 class ( the picture is informative) Hard maple 2 tr 720x140x28mm


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