Daddario NYXL 45105 Bass Strings 045.105

Daddario NYXL 45105 Bass Strings 045.105

[Daddario NYXL 45105 Bass Strings 045.105]

Product Code: NYXL 45105

Bass string Daddario NYXL45105 for 4-string electric bass hybrid gauge string set for long scale basses. BULK - 1 set

Thicknesses  .045, .065, .085, .105 /

Premium quality electric bass strings. The NYXL series is characterized by very strong strength, durability and stable tuning. This set of strings offers exactly these qualities to bass players. The set features strings with nickel-plated windings and a core of super-strong, high-carbon NY steel. Thanks to this, you can count on stable tuning and strength that will keep your strings in top condition under any conditions. This set is specially designed for bass guitars with a long scale. 

Features :

  • Hardness: 045"/105"
  • Winding: Cylindrical (round wound)
  • Material: Nickel-plated steel
  • Core: Steel
  • Ending: Ball end
  • String length: Long Scale


Availability: 46 pcs

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