Jescar Profesionál Fretwire ST 2,8 SS

Jescar Profesionál Fretwire ST 2,8 SS

[Jescar profesionál fretwire 50 cm]

Product Code: ST 2,8 SS

Jescar profesionál fretwire, width 2,79mm , crown 1,45 mm, The highest quality STAINLESS STEEL

*** , 1pcs / long 50 cm

- Perfect forming of all wire dimensions throughout the entire coil length
- Stringent quality control of tensile strength, hardness, dimension, and composition
- Exact symmetry of profile with centered and perpendicular tangs
- Barbs with sharp highly defined points to bite into the fret slots and remain securely seated.
- Tolerances accurate to within +/- 0.002″
- Superfinish surface quality for a bright appearance and smooth finish
- Greater hardness and tighter grain structure for longer life and playability
- Available in traditional 18% Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, and Gold EVO alloy
- Fret wire is sold by the pound; 2 foot straight length pieces; sold by the piece; and 25 piece sets, with each piece 2.75″ in length radiused to 10″.



Availability: 5 and more pcs

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