Special prices for manufacturers, service and sellers of musical instruments.

Are you the manufacturer or do you service the guitars or bass guitars?

Do you sell the musical instruments, or do you have your own music store?

We will be happy to support you. You will receive the special prices with us!

What are the conditions?

The condition is the approved registration in our e-shop.

In order for your registration to be approved, you must demonstrate that you are actively engaged in the production, servicing or sale of musical instruments. You can prove this by a trade license, extract from the Commercial register or other official confirmation that you perform these activities in your state. Please if is it possible provide us with the documents in English language.

Upon registration, your application will be checked separately and approved if it meets the selected requirements.

Should you think that your application for registration has been rejected unjustifiably, you can also inform us with more detailed information about your activities by e-mail at sivcak@sollerguitars.com or via the contact form on our website.

How is it working?

1.        Register your company on our e-shop in the section "My account" - registration (please don't forget to fill in your ID number and VAT number).

2.        Provide us with the scan of confirmation indicating that you perform the activities supported by us in your country to the e-mail address sivcak@sollerguitars.com.

3.        Wait for the approve/verification of your registration, which usually takes one business day.

4.        After approval/verification of the registration and provided documents, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

5.        After logging in to our e-shop, you will automatically see the special prices.