[EMG gitarový snímač]

Product Code: EMG 81 TW BK

EMG guitar pickups humbucker active ( SC- HB ),

+ potentiometer volume PUSS PULL - tone + stereo jack Switchcraft, clips 9V,

cable for pickup, + 2x screws - spring , wiring,

The 81TW humbucker doubles down on tone, taking the EMG 81 and adding a separate single coil pickup in the same housing. This is not your traditional coil-tap humbucker. EMG has designed the dual-mode to allow for maximum flexibility, featuring two pickups in one humbucker. The original 81 provides all the crunch and attack it's famous for and the additional single-coil now gives players two classic tonal options to choose from. Either mode is accessed through a push/pull pot for ease and versatility.

The internal preamp gives the 81TW two distinct sounds while delivering EMG's well known noise cancelling technology in both modes. Along with our solderless installation, this is a great choice for guitar players looking to get more out of one pickup. NOTE: Standard EMG humbuckers are 0.9” thick. The 81TW thickness is 1.1”. Difference of 0.22”.


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