[EMG bass snímač]

Product Code: EMG MM-TW

EMG MusicMan BASS pickup 4 string,

+ 1x potentiometer volume PUSH-PULL (SC/HB)-1x tone

+ stereo jack Switchcraft, clips 9V, 1x cable

+ 3x screws+ wiring

Active pickup for 4-string Music Man type electric bass. Inside the MMTW are two independent pickup modes. One is a ceramic and steel humbucking pickup that gives players an incredibly rich bass tone. The wide spread bobbins combined with a large coil surface gives this mode a big bass sound. In the single coil mode, via a push/pull pot, the MMTW becomes our J pickup, with detailed presence and a strong mid-range character. EMG's active preamp makes either mode rich with harmonic content and whisper quiet.


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