Evertune Kobylka G Model 6 Gold

Evertune Kobylka G Model 6 Gold

[Evertune bridge G Model gold]

Product Code: EVT 6G GD

Premium Evertune bridge G-MODEL 6 strings - finish -Gold / 1 set

Every new EverTune bridge comes with a service pack. This includes an EverTune hex key (matched to the faceplate color), an extra set of action screws and a printed Owners Manual. If the installed set of action screws is 8mm then the service pack will have 10mm screws; if the installed set is 10mm then the service pack will have 8mm screws. Every new bridge also comes with a comb and backplate. Installation notes The guitar body has to be 2.1” to do a standard G model installation where you recess the two back plate covers on the back of the guitar. Any guitar that requires a G model bridge with a body thickness of less than 2.1” will be a route through body installation and will require a F or T model back plate to cover the route pocket on the back. We recommend the T back plate for route through body installations due to the smaller footprint. To recess the footplate, the guitar body has to be at least 1 7/8” in order not to have to use a custom back plate riser. Any guitar body thickness less than 1 3/4” will require the foot plate to be installed on top of a custom back plate riser to ensure proper positioning of the modules. G model Standard or G model Long If the bridge pickup is 5/8” or less from the scale length line, the G model Standard bridge is required. If the bridge pickup is more than 5/8” from the scale length line, the G model Long bridge is required and these almost always need to be milled down for an exact fit. Visit this section of our Bridge Buying Guide for photos and diagrams. Zone 2 Variation Tolerance Zone 2 can have some slight variation. If the pitch change is less than 7 cents from playing position to one half turn down into Zone 2 then the module's Zone 2 is within spec. One half turn means loosening the tuning peg at the headstock by a turn of the wrist.


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