Evertune Bridge F7 Model Strings Chrome

Evertune Bridge F7 Model Strings Chrome

[Evertune bridge model F-7 / chrom]

Product Code: EVT 7 CR

Premuim Evertune bridge F7 Model  for 7 string electric guitars / finish chrome / 1 set

Every new EverTune bridge comes with a service pack. This includes an EverTune hex key (matched to the faceplate color), an extra set of action screws and a printed Owners Manual. If the installed set of action screws is 8mm then the service pack will have 10mm screws; if the installed set is 10mm then the service pack will have 8mm screws. Every new bridge also comes with a comb and backplate. 2.5mm EverTune Hex Key 10mm and 8mm EverTune Bridge Action Screws Installation notes Minimum Body thickness for an F&T install is 1 3/4”.

Any guitar body thickness less than 1 3/4” will require the foot plate to be installed on top of a custom back plate riser to ensure proper positioning of the modules. Zone 2 Variation Tolerance Zone 2 can have some slight variation. If the pitch change is less than 7 cents from playing position to one half turn down into Zone 2 then the module's Zone 2 is within spec. One half turn means loosening the tuning peg at the headstock by a turn of the wrist.


Availability: 3 pcs

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