Schaller Hannes 6 Guitar Bridge Gold

Schaller Hannes 6 Guitar Bridge Gold

[Schaller Hannes Kobylka Pre 6-strunovú Elektrickú Gitaru Zlatá]

Product Code: GTH 6 GD

Premium bridge Schaller Hannes  for 6- strings electrics guitar / Gold / 1 set

The Schaller Hannes bridge is a flat mount bridge designed for solid body electric guitars. The top must be flat in the area of the mounting surface for the bridge; this must be taken into account for carved tops.
The Hannes saddles are made of our special Schaller Sounder® compound, a material blend with Teflon, which drastically reduces string breakage. The Schaller Hannes bridge is ergonomically shaped and has no sharp edges. In addition to improved playing comfort on the heel of the hand, the Teflon-containing material also protects the strings on the contact surfaces with its excellent sliding properties.


  • String spacing (E-e): 54 mm
  • String spacing individual: 10.8 mm
  • String radius: adjustable from 9,5“ to 20“
  • Minimal G/d string height above body: 10.3 mm
  • Maximum height adjustment: 2.5 mm
  • Maximum string gauge: 0.064
  • Weight: 98 gram, 156g with accessories
  • Please note: not suitabel for left-handed models!
  • Color: Gold
  • Made in Germany


  • 1 x string mounting bar (anchor plate)
  • 2 x wood screws LK 2.2 x 9.5
  • 2 x mounting screws SK M5 x 50 (if necessary, shorten yourself)
  • 2 x screw sockets: 13.0 mm
  • 3 x allen keys: 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 mm


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