Hipshot 6 String Ibby HM Guitar Bridge 4IBG06G Gold

Hipshot 6 String Ibby HM Guitar Bridge 4IBG06G Gold

[Hipshot 6 String Ibby HM Guitar Bridge gold]

Product Code: HG IB6 GD

Quality guitar bridge Hipshot Ibby HM for 6-string electric guitar / 1pcs / gold

The Hipshot Ibby HM Bridge is a high quality, comfortable and great looking 6 string hardtail. The high mass bridge is machined from a solid block of brass, originally designed as a retrofit to upgrade the sound and quality of the Gibraltar I and II bridges found on many Ibanez guitars (rear two screws only), it can of course be used on your own custom guitar builds. The bridge walls eliminate any side to side movement of the saddles and the gorgeous smooth arched edges sit well against the hand when palm muting. The saddles are machined from stainless steel for clarity and response and their block design further adds to the comfort against the hand while playing. There are straight and staggered string through holes are staggered on both sides of the bridge meaning it can be used for both right and left handed guitars, the holes have smooth bevelled leading slots to ensure the strings do not rest against a sharp edge.


  • saddle width 10.57 mm
  • excellent resonance,
  • string routing through the body, gold surface
  • screws + allen


Availability: 2 pcs

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