Delano Single Coil JC5-AL Bass Pickups Neck + Bridge

Delano Single Coil JC5-AL Bass Pickups Neck + Bridge

[Delano Single Coil JC5 AL Black Set]

Product Code: JC5 AL set

Bass pickups Delano Single Coil JC5-AL for 5 strings Bass neck + bridge - 1 set 

If you are looking for refined classic single coil JB® tone in a 5-string format, our JC 5 AL (AlNiCo V) will be your # 1 choice.

Like its 4-string brother, the JC 4 AL, it has been developed to combine the best elements of vintage JB® tone with modern performance specs. We took a lot of extra care to fully accommodate the 5th string into the tonal spectrum of the pickup without losing anything of its sonic integrity.
This pickup is ready to convince even hardcore vintage buffs who thought a 5-string pickup could never perform like the ones in their beloved early sixties bass.



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