Schaller STM Roller Bridge Gold

Schaller STM Roller Bridge Gold

[Schaller STM Gitarová Kobylka Zlatá]

Product Code: STM GD

Schaller STM – high quality roller bridge  -TUNEMATIC - Les Paul + studs 4,0mm / finish: Gold / 1 set


  • Distance height adjustment screws: 74 - 74.5 mm
  • String spacing (E-e): 48.5 - 57.5 mm
  • String spacing individual: 9.7 - 11.5 mm
  • String radius: 12″ (rollers set in for narrow/close string spacing) 14″ (rollers set out for wide string spacing); still playable if required for fretboards max. 10 - 16 inches, depending on the setting of the rollers max. inside or outside; minimal G/d string height above body 12.5 mm
  • Maximum string gauge: 0.052
  • Weight: 58 gram, 90 gram with accessories
  • Special feature: also suitable for lefthanded models, but note the built-in angle and position of the intonation screws!


Made in Germany


Availability: 1 pcs

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